At Caney Fork River Valley Grille in Nashville, TN, just a few minutes north of Berry Hill, "Home of Bill Monroe," & a few miles from downtown Nashville we have the best live music in Nashville.

  • There is plenty of room for RV's
  • Playground and activities for the kids
  • You will be only a few miles from downtown Springfield and Nashville, with:
  • Thousands of Hotel Rooms
  • and of course the "Opry" Complex

*This is a partial listing of performers. Cast is subject to change.

**There will be special appearances by several more of the "greats" but who cannot be announced prior to the event. You will just have to be there to see who!

Besides picking, singing and listening to music, one the things we all do a lot of at the Nashville Music Classic is EAT WELL...!

Ole Ted Smiley and his team of "down home cooks" are making the best darn vittles you ever tasted.

Most RV and Camping cooks go into retirement while at the Classic 'cause the food is so good. You can start out the day with eggs, sausage, ham grits, biscuits and gravy and whatever else he puts out, then eat light during the day with hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, slaw or even turnip greens from the big old cooking vat! Come supper time, its Bar B Que or Bar B Que Chicken, fried catfish, slaw, beans, and whatever else he has, and of course down home "Hoe Cake" and wonderful deserts. Take your dinner inside the "concert hall, "and listen to the shows while you enjoy both...! There's lot of room to sit and listen.

However there are some folks who want to go out into the community and see what is happening. One of our sponsors from Springfield has the best darned steaks you can find anywhere! "The Depot" is less than 10 miles away and if your druthers are Filet, Strip, or those fabulous "Texas Tails" which Doug Voice and his courteous staff serve up, you won't find any better.

Finally, if you are craving a fast food fix, seafood or just needin' to get away, there literally hundreds of other places to eat, within a 15 to 20 minute drive.

In the Goodlettsville and Nashville areas, there are levels of accomodations from "Spartan" to Lavish! After all this is Music City USA where we have starving yet to be discovered stars and the Big Stars themselves! So you will find what you want and need within the Nashville area.

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